We consider this to be the most essential part of any treatment we carry out.

At The Farjo Hair Institute, we don’t simply treat a condition; we treat our patients as individuals. We get to know them, discuss their situation, ask what it is they want to achieve from undergoing treatment and talk about the options open to them.

We will advise and recommend what we think is the best way forward, but the decision ultimately rests with the individual.

Then – and only then – will we arrange a time for the treatment to take place.

But before we conduct a consultation, there are a few things you need to do.

Price structure

Strip FUT procedures
Minimum fee £2000 for up to 500 grafts

FUE procedures
Minimum fee £2500 for up to 500 grafts

The larger and vastly more common surgeries are priced according to graft numbers

Things you need to do before a consultation:

  • Take some time to read about our hair transplant techniques, so you have an idea of what to expect from your consultation
  • Under 18's must be accompanied by their adult guardian
  • Let us know in advance of your consultation if you would prefer to see an advisor or doctor of the same sex, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your wishes
  • Consider bringing a partner, friend or family member with you for support – but no young children please, as they cannot remain unsupervised in the reception area.

A consultation – a good investment

Consultations with one of our doctors are highly sought after, and normally incur a fee – which is currently £95.00.

Alternatively, we can arrange a free-of-charge consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced Patient Affairs Co-ordinators.

If you would like a preliminary assessment before speaking with one of our team, please click here to fill in our online form.

Frequently asked questions about consultation

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Why have a consultation?

So that we can get to not only assess your condition, but, more importantly, get to know you as an individual.

This is your opportunity to ask any questions and for us to outline the options open to you.

Everything is handled with the utmost discretion and treated in total privacy and confidentiality.

What happens in a consultation?

Besides answering some medically-related questions about your general health, any conditions you may have and any medication you may be taking, and recording your pulse and blood pressure, it’s an informal discussion about your hair loss, what may be causing it and then assessing the treatment options open to you.

One thing that usually doesn’t happen is arranging a date for your treatment.  We always advise people to go home and think about what they want to do – and, where possible, encourage them to talk to someone near to where they live, who has had treatment at the clinic.

What happens after a consultation?

That really depends on you – we can advise and inform, but ultimately the decision to go ahead with any treatment is up to you. We may recommend that treatment is unsuitable in your particular case – we do not carry out procedures just for the sake of it – but, if we believe treatment would be beneficial, we can progress to discuss the nature of that treatment, arrange an appointment or appointments and discuss costs.